How do you praise the Lord? Do you praise Him with your voice? Do you praise Him with raised hands? Do you praise Him with music and instruments? Where do you praise Him? Do you only praise Him during weekend services or praise concerts? Do you also praise God in the quietness of your home?

One of my favorite psalms is Psalm 150. It begins with “Hallelujah!” (v.1a) The word, hallelujah (הַלְלוּיָה), means “praise the Lord.”  Hä·lal’ (הָלַל) means “praise” (Piel) and “jah” was taken from יְהוָה (Yehvâh or Yahweh). When they’re mixed together, it becomes hallelujah.

Psalm 150:1b (HCSB) proclaims: “Praise God in His sanctuary.” The sanctuary is very important to the Hebrews or Jews because it is only in the sanctuary where they could meet and fellowship with God. The sanctuary can be the Tabernacle or the Temple. They both symbolized the Garden of Eden—the sanctuary of the first human beings’ fellowship with God. Nowadays, we who have faith in Jesus Christ can worship Him in spirit and in truth anywhere (John 4:21-24). We can worship God corporately during weekend services or individually during our quiet times with Him.

Next, the psalmist tells us to worship God “in His mighty heavens” (150:1) and “for His powerful acts” and abundant greatness” (150:2) Truly, these are things to really praise God for. He didn’t only create us, but He also redeemed us. He is powerful and great.

We can also praise God through instruments, just like what the psalmist says in verses 3-5. Honestly, I enjoy worshiping God through singing because I always get nervous whenever I play instruments in front of people. However, when I play the piano by myself, I just end up worshiping God, and the nerves go away. It is truly enjoyable when we praise and worship God through music!

Lastly, the psalmist declares in verse 6 (HCSB): “Let everything that breathes praise the LORD. Hallelujah!” This is the theme of the whole passage: Let everyone who lives praise the LORD (Yahweh)! Amen. That means all of us!

So how do you praise the Lord? What is your favorite psalm? Would love to know through your comments.


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